Donald Trump Issues Executive Order Putting Steve Bannon in New Television Series: Extreme Makeover White House Edition

Every episode will follow a new member of the White House on their journey to become camera ready.

“We expect to have a revolving door of cabinet positions due to resignations, development of conscience, and illegal Russian ties. This show will give us a competitive way to vet who will have the opportunity to be a new member of the Trump administration for the time being” said President Trump.

A backdoor pilot episode premiered February 13th on CSPAN featuring Stephen Miller, in his first public appearance defending Trump.

“The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned” said Miller.

“Stephen really knocked it out of the park. The camera loved him, and he got airplay on all the late-night talk shows. It was great advertising for the series,” said Trump.

Donald Trump, as the executive producer of the show, already assigned in Steve Bannon to be the second contestant. Steve Bannon has drawn negative coverage. Trump believes that a man of Bannon’s appearance is a refreshing change.

“With so many people in Hollywood and in the dishonest media that are so beautiful on the outside, isn’t it great to have a man who is how he appears. But all the haters made fun of him. So he will get a makeover. He is a tremendous guy, but lately he has become too tremendous in the mid-section. He is not a ten, I love Steve, with help he could be a real winner.”

In the next episode, (airing Thursdays on CSPAN, 6/7 central), Steve Bannon will be reintroduced to his loved ones, back into the wild to the Trump administration. The episode will feature a full facial and liposuction. Bannon’s hairstyle could not be changed because he felt “uncomfortable” around his stylist.



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