Man Claims Affirmative Action Benefits Upon Learning Half His Ancestors Were Women

After extensive genetic testing and research on his family tree, a man discovered that half his ancestors were women.

“This really changes things, I never realized that my great grandmother had so many ties to being a woman. I knew my mother was a woman but I was surprised how deep womanhood goes in my family history. To think this whole time that my great grandmother, hell probably my great-great grandmother, had all been women.”

The man even got a genetic test to see how close he was to being a woman.

“I decided to get my DNA tested, to see how closely related to women I truly am. And the results were shocking. Turns out I have an X chromosome, which makes me about 50% woman. I don’t know how I never realized this, there were so many indications. It feels good to finally be a part of a culture, a community. Also, I can officially claim womanhood on my college applications.”

The man feels that due to these revelations, it really brings him a new understanding of the struggles of women throughout history.

“As a man who is 50% woman, I really understand the struggles that they have endured. The pay inequality, the difficulty being taken seriously in the business world, the constant obsessing over appearance, and of course the lady part problems.”


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